How To Make iPhone Travel Videos: Cinematic Tips + Tools

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Learn how to make awesome travel videos with just your iPhone. Here are tips, tools and techniques that you can use to instantly up your iPhone travel video game.

Whether you’re making travel videos for Youtube, Instagram, or just your own memories, being able to use your phone to it’s maximum potential can be one of the BEST things to learn because you have it in your pocket 24/7. So you’ll never miss a moment.

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  1. I've been traveling all over Europe for the past year and just now finally decided to start vlogging my travels with only my iPhone to work with so this is super helpful!

  2. I subscribed just based on this video alone. Other filmmakers are focused on expensive and/or heavy equipment like drones, Canon DSLRs, etc. To be this creative with just your iPhone shows that you can relate to most of your viewers and see things from their perspective! Thanks, Thomas!

  3. Hello everyone! I recently made a travel video of my trip in Hanoi, Vietnam, using some of his tips, can anyone watch the video and leave me some feedback? That would be greatly appreciated! I'll make sure to check out your channel too! Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Great video with very helpful tips 🙂 Are there any other alternatives you would suggest for the Moment Lenses? Unfortunately, Moment lenses are currently not available for shipping to Australia 🙁