How to Make Spotify your Default Music App in iOS

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Personally, I only use Spotify for my music. I happen to switch phones so often and it’s one of the only music apps that works across all the different operating systems. Add to that, it’s social network-like other benefits and you can see why I’m glued to it. Unfortunately though, when using my iPhone, Apple doesn’t want me to be able to use it as my default music app (unlike my Android devices). I have to always default to the built-in music app, which in my case, is completely empty and a waste of an icon on my home screen. Finally, however, my day has come.

DefaultSpot is a free jailbreak tweak that’s only feature is it makes iOS 7 think Spotify is my default music app. No settings to fool with, just install, enable, respring, and viola. If you are also a Spotify addict, like me, here’s how to make Spotify your default music app in iOS 7 aka make life simpler for yourself.

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