How to Put On and Remove OtterBox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S9

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This video talks you through how to put on and remove the OtterBox Defender case for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Video Transcript:
While an OtterBox Defender case can add a bit of extra bulk to your device, it’s a great way to protect your Samsung Galaxy S9. The OtterBox Defender does not feature any sort of screen protection, but it does offer two layers of protection in the form of a hard plastic shell that goes over your phone, and then a soft rubber shell that wraps around the hard plastic shell. Because it can be easy to break your Defender case (or worst yet your Samsung Galaxy S9) when either removing the case or putting it on, it’s important to know how to do it right. This video walks you through how to both put on and remove your OtterBox Defender case from your Samsung Galaxy S9.

And now, let’s walk through how to remove the OtterBox Defender from your Galaxy S9.

Step 1. Slide a finger between OtterBox Defender’s outer rubber shell and the hard plastic shell it’s wrapped around to separate the two shells. You may need to slide a flathead screwdriver in between the two shells to get initial separation. After you get the initial separation between the outer rubber shell and the inner hard plastic shell, carefully remove the outer rubber shell from the device.

Step 2. Look at the back of the hard plastic shell covering your Samsung Galaxy S9, and locate the eight arrows on the back of the hard plastic cover. You should see three toward the top of the case, two in the middle, and three in the bottom. Each of these arrows points to a plastic clip that will need to be loosened in order to remove the plastic shell from your phone. Carefully slide the flathead screwdriver under one of the clips, and then apply a very small amount of pressure to pry the top part of the clip over the lip. Repeat this process to loosen the clips around the edge. When all of the clips are loose, lift the top part of the plastic shell to remove it from your phone. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 should now just be sitting in the bottom of the OtterBox Defender case. Lift to remove your phone from the bottom of the case. Congratulations, you’ve successfully removed your phone from its OtterBox Defender case.

And now, let’s walk through how to put the OtterBox Defender on your Galaxy S9.

Step 1. Place your phone in the back part of the OtterBox Defender’s hard plastic shell.

Step 2. Put the front part of the hard plastic case over the front part of your phone, and make sure to slide the clip on the bottom part of the hard plastic case into the corresponding groove under the arrow located in the bottom middle part of the back part of the hard plastic shell. Apply a small amount of pressure at each of the eight clip points to lock all of the clips into place. Repeat this process to verify that all clips are locked into place.

Step 3. Finally, slide the top part of your phone into the top part of the outer rubber shell. After the top part is in place, bring the rest of the edges of the soft shell up around the hard plastic shell. Ensure that all port covers are firmly pushed into place, and also slide the soft rubber shell around clips as necessary. Congratulations, you’ve successfully put the OtterBox Defender case back on your Samsung Galaxy S9.


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  1. I almost broke my new phone because the instructions for the box are written half-ass!!! This video was helpful BUT WISH YOU HAD SHOWN HOW TO PUT IT ON THE CELL PHONE FROM THE BEGINNING INSTEAD STARTING FROM THE END!!!

  2. Thanks for this! I just got an S9 last week and I didn't pay attention to the vender when he put on my case. I need to remove it soon so I can put in a large memory micro sd card.

  3. Very helpful, I genuinely think I would have broken the damn thing if this wasn't explained. The instructions for this thing are garbage

    Very lazy of you to show how to remove it before showing how to put it in. Only reason you would need it in that order is if you stole someone else's phone that was in one of these.