How to Remove the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Back Glass Cover

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Back Glass Cover for Galaxy S9 Plus –

Complete Repair Tool Kit –
Hot Plate Machine for repairs –
Heat Gun for repairs –

This is a tutorial video on how to remove and replace the back glass cover on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Its the same procedure and same glass back cover used for all carrier models.

All models – Galaxy s9+ G965
Samsung SM-G965V Verizon
Samsung SM-G965P Sprint
Samsung SM-G965R4 Rogers, US Cellular
Samsung SM-G965
Samsung SM-G965F International
Samsung SM-G965T T-Mobile
Samsung SM-G965A AT&T
Samsung SM-G965W8
Samsung SM-G965U USA

I used the following tools:
1. Open Prying tool
2. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

Warning: Repairs will void your warranty with the service provider and manufacturer of the device. We are not responsible for any damage caused by attempting this repair.

Things I use in this video

– Camera:
– Microphone:
– Lighting Kit:
– Video Editor:


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  1. Thank you so much I have dropped mine and ordered a new back. Great video was what I needed that some great advice and honestly brilliant video well put together x

  2. Is there a way to check to make sure the camera works properly prior to putting everything back together? Just in case the cable is not aligned perfectly? Also is there adhesive we can put back around the back part of the phone to make it waterproof again? Maybe using a syringe. I would also like to thank you very much this help me out a great deal