How to Replace the Charger Port on a Samsung Galaxy S8

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This is a video tutorial on how to replace the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

All models – G950
Samsung SM-G950V Verizon
Samsung SM-G950P Sprint
Samsung SM-G950R4 Rogers, US Cellular
Samsung SM-G950
Samsung SM-G950F International
Samsung SM-G950T T-Mobile
Samsung SM-G950A AT&T
Samsung SM-G950W8
Samsung SM-G950U Unlocked

I used the following tools:

1. Small Phillips head screwdriver
2. Open Prying tool
3. Hair dryer or heat gun

Warning: Repairs will void your warranty with the service provider and manufacturer of the device. We are not responsible for any damage caused by attempting this repair.


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  1. That thing in the middle of the charging port on my S8 is a little bit oblique. Do you think that some time it will get broken?

  2. Seems a lil much to replace a small component, which if they could put a cover on the port then this video is useless. Also this is why you purchase the insurance, itll be a hell of lot cheaper. DIY is not always productive.

  3. If you people actually ruined your phones, then you're fucking retarded and have no idea what you're doing, don't blame your stupidity on the uploaded.

  4. i bought two same boards E4 and when i install new board the usb is charging but there is no network, and when i install the broken flex board there is network again???