How to Root Galaxy Note 9! [EASIEST METHOD]

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 easily and quickly using a few tools like ODIN, Magisk, and TWRP recovery. 

For Downloads & Step-by-Step Written Tutorial, see my site here:

Note: Rooting your Samsung device will VOID WARRANTY, PERMANENTLY disable Samsung Pay and Secure Folder!

The following Galaxy Note 9 models can be rooted with this root method:

SM-N960F International Exynos
SM-N960F/DS International Exynos Dual SIM
SM-N960X Exynos
SM-N960N Exynos
SM-N9600 Snapdragon Chinese Model

The following models have LOCKED bootloaders:

SM-N960U AT&T Snapdragon
SM-N960U T-Mobile Snapdragon
SM-N960U Sprint Snapdragon
SM-N960U Verizon Snapdragon
SM-N960U U.S. Unlocked Snapdragon
Any other SM-N960U

Note: If you want to root your Note 9 or any Samsung phones in general, you will want to AVOID U.S. Snapdragon models as they ALL have LOCKED BOOTLOADERS.  This has been the case for the LAST 3 YEARS!  If you did not know that, now you know.  I personally recommend the SM-N960F/DS model, which works flawless on both T-Mobile or AT&T 4G LTE.  For Sprint or Verizon users, you are OUT OF LUCK, try getting unlocked version of Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3, which have unlocked bootloaders and works flawless on both Sprint and Verizon.

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  1. For the sm-N960u there's currently no way to root it but you can remove bloatware and remap Bixby to make it faster by using adb commands on a computer. I did this with my t-mobile note 9 that's not unlocked and it's much better.

  2. Already return to the stock rom, and I recovered my 2 numbers IMEI

    but when I do the Root again, it keeps losing the IMEI data.

    What can be done to have the root, and not lose the 2 IMEI?

  3. Hi friend

    Root in my Note 9 It was successful

    however, my 2 imei were deleted

    How can I retrieve this information from my note 9 ??

    SM-N960F / DS International Exynos Dual SIM