How to setup A VPN on iOS or Android and why you should use one

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A VPN is a very useful tool to keep your data secure when on an insecure network. I show you how to setup a VPN on Android and iOS using an iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3 XL. I also go over what a VPN is and why you would use a VPN connection. #VPN #iOS #Android

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  1. Since i switched to Android, i wait for your Android videos:) i remember the old iPhone days when i used to wait for your uploads for every beta update..

  2. Where are free VPNs? VPNs that don’t require a paid subscription? Most VPNs I have found on the App Store are free to download but requires a paid subscription. I don’t want to have pay for it.

  3. I've watched so many promoted videos with VPN offers within them. Whilst I have ignored all of them, I have this trust in you Aaron that I have not got in others. I have used your discount code, thanks, and will try it for the 30 days I can with their money back guarantee.

  4. I use a VPN even at home when I’m watching streaming services because I don’t want my ISP to throttle me down,since there is no more Net Neutrality. Believe or not that has happened to people I know and your ISP can do anything they want now.

  5. Great video!
    But I am the person who doesn't care.
    I had never a problem for not using a VPN and I don't want to pay for an app.

  6. Thanks Aaron, I’ve been looking at the pros and cons of a VPN but decided the security of Apple is enough for me. I never connect to public wifi so I don’t have to worry about that.

  7. Occasionally a YouTube video or a sporting site says “unavailable in your area”…..changing your VPN to another country fixes this problem. I’ve used PIA on Mac and iPhone for 4 years. Works well and good online support.

  8. Great video Zollotech and i would just add if the VPN is based on the five eyes, nine eyes and fourteen-eyes alliances and countries. It’s highly recommended that you choose a VPN outside these jurisdiction for full anonymity and data protection.