How To Setup My Magazine On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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In this video you can check how you can setup My Magazine on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

My magazine is a Samsung implementation of Flipboard like application and it does share the data with Flipboard. They have also mentioned that in the application also.

It is available from the home page by swapping up from bottom panel and can show you all your feeds including news, personal data from gallery, music and other application on the phone along with social data feed.

So setup My Magazine on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and start using it for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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  1. I noticed there was no facebook link on the social page, but you mentioned it works closely together with the flipboard app. Could you try this for us: log in to facebook in your flipboard and please see if it also becomes available in the magazine. Thanks

  2. Yes, at this point of time it does not pick up social feed from Facebook. Even if you have it setup in Flipboard, My Magazine will not be able to pick it up….also you can't connect it to My Magazine from the social account link screen….Looks like some issue with the Facebook and Samsung…hope next iteration should fix it….

  3. To disable the home button being used to open my magazine you'll have to set up my magazine and the open it up. After it is open you have to click on the settings button on your bottom left hand corner of the phone ( there's no settings on the app) then uncheck the green check that says use home screen button to open my magazine.