How to solve sony xperia restarting problem

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sony xperia restarting problem solving method
use the smd re workstation heat mobile back cover after carefully remove the back cover
carefully remove the battery after remove the pcb
carefully remove the metal cover
use the flux after properly heating (POWER IC) with smd re workstations
perfectly close after testing

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  1. It worked for my xperia z2 tablet. I did a soft reflow of the power iq chip. First of all I had to clean the old thermal paste witch was became like a stone. So thank you!

  2. I have xperia xz. My brother accidentally put the sim card without the tray. Little did i know that he forced to get the simcard using nail pusher. Although he succesfully remove the simcard i was mad as hell coz my sim was already broken all my contacts was on there and its all gone just like that. The worst thing is that when i bought a new sim and try to put it properly with the tray it doesnt work. Please can you help me? I cant afford to buy a new phone right now. But i really need a phone. I am madly hopelessly very hoping it could still fix . But i dont know how. Can you help me. Please please. Please 😢🙏 please anybody help me.

  3. My phone is Sony Xperia M4 aqua dual and have same problem as shown in video above. What is solution for that? Some says its hardware problem and some says it's battery problem. Can you tell me the exact problem regarding the issue.