How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J5, J7,J2

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Video guide on taking screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J series smartphones such as Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7. This method of screen capture works with most of the budget Galaxy smartphones. Performing print screen on Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 also same.
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For guide on taking screenshot on Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J2 in text:


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  1. Thanksssssss a lot sir ….I m soooo soooo happy. …Hum kitne din se presan the kaise kre screenshort …But aap ke wjh se jaan paaye sooo thanks full ???????????????

  2. On my Galaxy J7 this opens the "Okay google" app… is it a setting or was it changed on the last android update? If anyone knows I appreciate the help.