How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8

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I show you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 to allow you to use it on any GSM carrier world wide. Once the Galaxy S8 is unlocked, you can use a Sim Card from T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange, Vodaphone, Virgin Mobile or any other GSM carrier.

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  1. Great video Aaron. I happen to notice that the front of your S8 under the weather, it said Clover. Are you located in the lovely town of Clover, S.C.? I'm just curious. I would give my right arm to live in a quaint little town like Clover. I was born in Louisiana, raised in California and because of marriage, ended up in Boston, MA. Don't like it. As I age, I find that I need more peace and quiet in my life and Boston doesn't offer such a thing. Anyway, keep up the great work. I just purchased some AirPods and may review them here on YouTube when I receive them. It'll be my first video.

  2. Hey Aaron my buddy. Thanks for sharing this. I will definantly use this. That's a real handy company and knowing that you can do that that's cool.
    Your buddy jerald. Awesome phone too.

  3. All phones shouldn't be locked anyway.  An unlocked phone is a consumer right.  A phone should never be locked to a specific carrier.

  4. does this work for contract locked phones as well? e.g. I got a 2 year contract with at&t and they gave me the galaxy s8 for a much lower price (because of my 2 contract of course) , can still unlock this phone with this method ? or do I have to wait for the contract to end in order to apply for this unlocking ?

  5. Got my code after about 80 hours. Might be because I forwarded my no. to the other carrier already. S8+ unlocked on the first try.

  6. This does not work for people that don't have a different carrier sim card. You should be able to do this without 3rd party simcards. When I tried using a different sim card, It did not even offer me to put in SIM network unlock PIN. But my phone is still locked and says to use Device Unlock. I have no idea how to find that.

  7. See you set any Carrier not true it will not work with Straight Talk which is owned by trac phone it's a prepaid device I am an S8 by it on eBay for all cheap it's not SIM card locked either and you don't have that brand listed there so that is pisses me off you say can be unlocked any Carrier that's a lie dude

  8. Dude you can't help me out I have a TracFone it will not work and AT&T unlock SIM for free dude I wish I had an AT&T model I'd be all good so I don't know how to unlock TracFone your company cannot do it no one can do it so what can you do for me nothing I'm f*** Sol with this phone spend all this money

  9. I already try to get a code from another website and they couldn't get it. They refund my money. My question is: Will this unlocking company guys will be able to get me a code? is there another way to unlock the phone?

  10. Hola quiero enseñarle algo que funciono para liberar mi teléfono celular es sencillo de hacer. Solo googlen liberar celular online . funciono para mis moviles.