How to use AR in iOS 11

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How to use AR in iOS 11

Sky Guide AR by Fifth Star Labs LLC

Stack AR by Ketchapp

TapMeasure – AR utility by Occipital, Inc.

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  1. 6s ios 10.0.2 not supported ?? can i bypass this with jailbreak tweak or something,Because I will never just lose my jailbreak for anything

  2. I haven't had NEARLY the success you've had! I've literally downloaded every free AR app and 3 pay apps. On iPhone 8 Plus in bright indoor light, I hardly EVER get a horizontal plane detection. SO frustrating. I try to change textures, add lights, move the camera slowly, panning up and down, left and right, dollying in and out. Ideas? FYI: I posted this in one other 'surface detection video', not sure of the etiquette on cross-posting.

  3. Yeah AR is great on the iPhone 8 for the first day or two. Now none of my apps can’t even detect a surface. 15 mins I tried scanning a room for the ikea app. Worked great the first couple of times and now it can’t find the floor.