How To Use Emergency SOS on iPhone

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Do you know how to use the emergency SOS feature on your iPhone? David will show you how to access this feature and set it up in the first place. SHARE this video with your friends and family!!!

If you hold either volume button along with the power button (technically now known as the “side button”), for about two seconds, you’ll reveal the Emergency SOS screen.

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  1. Does this call your emergency contact and 911 automatically? Also does this work via cell service or satellites? Thanx this is awesome

  2. Apple openly admits to programming older phones to lag more and more intentionally regardless of any tweaking other than upgrading. I'm all over Iphones lololololol

  3. I just got an accidental call from my daughter, my heart dropped, but she had no idea she even dialed…it did NOT give me her location. It gave none of the four people her location!

  4. it's an interesting safety possibility / but you don't mention if a person can add 911 ( police & fire here in Canada ) to the list ??