How To Use Google Maps On Apple CarPlay With IOS 12

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Using Google Maps On Apple CarPlay Stereo Systems With New IOS12 Update

A quick run through of how the new Google Maps looks and feels on any vehicle that has Apple CarPlay Installed. You’ll get full traffic info on display, high resolution satellite mapping and really easy to use search function with Siri Support.

Once you have updated your iPhone to the latest iOS 12 (Released 17/08/18) and the latest Google Maps iOS App you will then have full Google Maps displaying and working on your stereo system.

When you go to Add Destination and select Other you can type your own search or postcode 🙂

As part of the latest iOS 12 update, Apple has unlocked 3rd party navigation apps to be used on their CarPlay System. Google was the first to release and Waze has now just been released. You can watch our Review / How To video on the link below:

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  1. I need an answer, when playing waze or google maps on carplay, they must be shown on my iphone, when i minimize them on my iphone they also minimize on my carplay, can i let the maps show on carplay and use my phone freely?

  2. I’ve just bought an Audi A6 (the latest version of old model), I have smartphone interface and I noticed that when I insert a destination in google maps (using smartphone interface), in the cockpit disappears maps and appears a quite boring and useless compass. In the MMI display it’s showed the map of Google maps. Is that normal? I would like to have maps showed in both displays (MMI and cockpit).

  3. I just got a car with Apple CarPlay, and I'm so new to it. This video helps a lot. I do have a question though, if I were to delete the Apple Maps app (because I want to use Google Maps), would Siri be able to automatically load up directions through Google Maps?

  4. Does this work if you have an older car without the update? Is there a way to upgrade your car's apple car play system to the new one?

  5. How on earth did you manage to do a whole video on this without typing in a postcode – the most basic and common function on a satnav

  6. I'm trying out google maps through car play, apple maps keeps overriding google and when I operate the sound control on my steering wheel apple maps comes on the screen.

  7. Very helpful video. Thanks. Do you know whether there’s an add on or something which shows speed cameras like you get on TomTom? That would be really helpful

  8. Can't watch as at work but can you enter a postcode directly ? with apple maps you have had to have already done the search on your phone so that it is in your recent destinations. ie you can't do it whilst connected to the car. thanks