How To Use The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Camera Tutorial – Full Tutorial, Tips & Settings

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A video tutorial on how to use the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus camera. Tips and a walkthrough of the camera settings. Fix upside down photos, lock focus and even modify the exposure. A full rundown of all the video features, filming in 4k and how to save space on your iPhone by choosing specific options.

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  1. Hi Dan – Thanks for the fantastic video. You mentioned some flashing in the tutorial that you were not sure about. My camera does not do that so maybe there's a bug in your camera – Cheers Barry

  2. I appreciate you explaining the camera app in a way even we non-techie types can understand. So many reviewers feel the need to go 200 MPH in their descriptions and squeeze in 458 tips in three minutes. Thanks!!

  3. Great video. I hate this camera a little less now. My 8+ seems to lag. I take a lot of action shots. The picture I see while hitting the shutter is never the picture that I get. Miss my 6+. Now that I know, I will have to search the live mode pics to see if they're in there!

  4. Thanks! I needed this very informative video 🙂 I've got an issue I'd like to see if you know of…. When I take pictures, I most times see a blue dot that saves onto my photo. Have you noticed that happening? Any ideas?

  5. IPhone 8 camera is bullshit compared with the galaxy s7 or s8. My wife has the iPhone 8 and I have the galaxy s7, both cameras set up as 4k resolution and the photos taken with the iPhone 8 are far from getting the quality of the photos taken with the galaxy s7.

  6. I had a question about the shooting a video in 4k with the 60fps.. Let's say you turn on that feature and you begin recording a video. Does it shoot the 4k on the regular camera only? or can it transfer onto the lets say, Snapchat camera aswell?

  7. When I try to use the timer I accidentally go into photo burst mode. Any advice? Also, when I try to take a selfie I often hit the on off button with my thumb ugh!!