How To Use The iPhone XS & XS Max Camera Tutorial – Tips & Settings

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Full Video tutorial on how to use the iPhone XS and XS Max camera. Tips to help you take better photos and a guide to setting up the iPhone camera settings. Whether you want to fix upside down photos, brighten your pictures, or learn how to use portrait mode, this iPhone XS camera tutorial is for you. A full walkthrough of all the video features like filming in 4k, shooting time-lapse video or how to turn off live photos. If you want to start taking better pictures on your iPhone XS or XS Max, your training starts here. What can the camera do iPhone X, XS Max edition.

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  1. Hey hi … great video ! So helpful .. please advise regarding front camera. I got xsmax. The pixels seems weirds while taking a photo especially on snapchat. Need help

  2. I learned so much. Terrific video. For a long time I’ve been wanting to learn about the camera and its settings. And now i do. Thanks so very much!! ?

  3. This is a veeeeeeeeeeeery good video for beginners. Everything is explained in a very clear nd conveniently paced manner. Very detailed yet the information goes step-by-step. You did an amazing job, sir. I can't highlight it enough. I, for some reason, thought this would be about various tips and tricks for shooting, and since I am very familiar with the camera app, I cannot completely see it from a novice's point of view, but both objectively and subjectively, this is a superb walkthrough video. Not sure what for, but thank you very much for this, it is done with such care.

  4. You are good at this. Keep doing it! Very nicely done. Lots of well organized, specific information, presented in an organized interesting way. I'm now less nervous about using the camera on my new iPhone XS Max. Thanks.

  5. When I type in “Camera” in search(in settings) nothing at all comes up, do you have any idea what’s going on? Update: I did a “reset all settings” & that resolved the issue? Awesome,ty??