How to Watch TV on iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII GT-i9300

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you can watch Tv on both devices being the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 using the TV CatchUp App but how do they compare against each other, is there any difference?

TV CatchUp application comparison betweeon iOS6 on the iPhone5 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII GT-i9300

Apple iPhone 5 HD Video Recording Test Demo Sample:

Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing:

Link to Playstation 3 Controller with Samsung Galaxy S3:




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  2. it isnt the Iphones fault it is because the shitty App devlopers of the TV thing havent updated the ratio to support i5. When it's get updated the black bars will go away. noobs

  3. Inam are you really telling us you dont know why there are black bars?? Its just a matter of an update from the app developers. And with apple updates come really quick. Apple is the big boy and not the other way around.

  4. as i said, normal videos can play full wide screen on the new iPhone 5.
    But in this video, the app used the old aspect ratio and is not yet updated for the iPhone 5.
    But youtube videos , normal videos etc etc, all play in full wide screen on iPhone 5.

  5. NO, the old app only maximized the video at the aspect ration of THE OLD iphone screen size.

    Since you are on youtube, why don't you use your brain and search for other videos of iPhone 5 on youtube that shows it playing video at FULL SCREEN?
    i have seen many videos of the iPhone 5 and it plays video fully maximized on the new screen.

    Thus it is obvious that this old app is NOT updated and its still using the old aspect ratio for playing videos.

  6. so ur calling the guy a dipshit for going out of his way and showing the difference between the two phone, wise up.
    also the galaxy s3 was around 1/2 secs faster with each programme it showed so i would imagine that is because it is the more powerful of the two phones.