HTC Exodus 1s Review: Surprise, surprise…

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Is the Bitcoin phone ane good as a phone? Has HTC built a true crypto phone from the ground up or they just re-badged another phone? What is Zion Vault and how do you run a bitcoin node? Let’s find out!

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  1. "Updates? Forget about it!" That should be HTC's new slogan. At least we'd know where we stood from now on? We'll certainly have to forget about buying a phone from their website. And while I'm here, usb port? UNACCEPTABLE. Are they trying to kill the company on purpose? No updates, no usb type-c, no effort, no HOPE. Why bother to create a phone like this when they already created the Exodus? It makes no sense at all. Someone is being paid to make decisions like this

  2. Why do these companies release phones that they have no intention of updating. More of the throw away culture in smartphone world. I'd rather have the moto E4 or E4 plus than this phone, and that is almost insulting to the E4!