HTC Exodus 1s Unboxing Experience

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The HTC Exodus 1s is HTC’s entry level bitcoin phone featuring cheap plastic and low specs but it can do something no other phone can – run a full bitcoin node…whatever that means. Let’s take it out of the box and see what it is about.

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  1. The writing was on the wall for years and they ignored it.
    Their phones were overpriced and their build quality was questionable, they were trying to survive on the glories of yesteryear instead of going back to what they did best.
    You can't competed with Samaung and win in the Android Space, as LG have found out over the last 3 years.

  2. cool to see this phone on your channel, but sad to see HTC in this current situation, I hope they will make a comeback but now I Doubt that they have the ability to do so, it is easier fore OEMs like Sony or LG to make a good comeback since they have good budget from othet business areas