HTC Ocean Life = Android One – LG V30 undercuts Note 8 – Oneplus 5 Special Edition Coming Soon!

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Jayce talks this week’s Android news

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  1. One phones are guaranteed at least 2 years of updates. That's a step in the right direction,but it's not enough. Apple does, what, 5 years? I love Android, and, to me, it's all around better, but if Google doesn't change the way they handle updates, I will unfortunately have to stay with Apple. I like having a device until it craps out, not until it's made crap through neglect.

  2. Ok, I don't have anything against bezels not like most of the people who suddenly jumped on the "bezelles-train", but that thing at 1:23 is really a NO! That is even bigger than the one on the M9. I hope that's just a really bad render.

  3. One plus is awesome.. too bad they don't support Verizon's network. Or I would have owned a couple at this point.
    No Verizon.. no sale for me. Too bad. Love the phones.

  4. I'm passing on the V30 this year and will continue passing on LG phones until they improve the front facing camera and their software issues. They've continued to withhold improvements, which when considering how glitchy their hardware/software sometimes are, they should be trying harder to win over existing and new customers. I'm just not excited with the improvements made be LG.

  5. usd800+ smartphones are way off my budget. Guess ill have to enjoy them in videos, and wait until next years price drops. For that money i buy a computer that lasts me 4 years not 2 like a smartphone. Thumbs up!

  6. Android One is the new Nexus Program as Google finaly got the message that people where not happy with the end of New Nexus Devices and the Cost of Pixels not to mention relativly poor sale of the Pixels!!!