HTC U11 Life Android One review – the mid-range Pixel 2?

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The HTC U11 Life Android One is a mix between the U11 and Pixel 2 (which HTC also made).

Offering a very similar software experience to the Pixel, the U11 Life brings mid-range specs, a $350 price tag and guaranteed updates from Google.

But do the U11 Life’s benefits outweigh its shortcomings? Find out in our HTC U11 Life Android One review.

Music: “As Day Breaks” by Jack Elphick feat. Molife

HTC U11 Life Android One specs:
5.2-inch Full HD Super LCD display
Snapdragon 630
3/4 GB of RAM
32 GB/64 GB storage + microSD
2,600 mAh battery
USB Type-C
16 MP f/2.0 camera (front & back)
PDAF (main camera only)
Android 8.0 Oreo
Google Assistant
HTC Edge Sense
HTC USonic audio tuning
HTC USonic ANC earbuds
(No 3.5 mm headphone jack)
Mono speaker
Fingerprint scanner
Bluetooth 5

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  1. This phone was a lot of fun to review, mostly because we're now living in the age where we can get affordable phones with excellent software and cameras with guaranteed updates. I just wish we didn't have to lose the 3.5mm jack in the process…

  2. Ughhh. I want this on 4.7 inches. So tired of dragging around with phablet! 4.7 inch phone with wide angle camera, amoled, 3000mah. Fingerprint. Stock Android. IP68. Fast Charge. headphone jack!

  3. i just picked one of these up at Tmobile and im really happy with it so far. just wish Tmobile would hurry with the oreo update or maybe someone will get it rooted so we can flash the Android One rom

  4. I love the android one program wish it was more available in the US. Would've skipped this video if I knew it wasn't available in the US so calling this one a bit of clickbate.

  5. 2:00 THIS is why phones need headphone jacks. USB C headphones and USB C adapters are such a shitshow at the moment. If I buy a pair of USB C headphones, they should work with ALL phones that have USB C. Same with USB C dongles. We NEVER had this problem with headphone jacks, there is absolutely no reason we should be having this problem now.

  6. A lot of people wrote that "proprietary dongle" can be a deal-breaker, but actually U11 Life is compatible with Google's $9 dongle (it also has a DAC built-in and "dumb" adapters just pass analogue audio signal). Author wrote this in comments (he had not tested this but got confirmation from HTC). Actually even some of these weighty external mobile DACs work with recent HTC models; see XDA thread about U11 if you are into it.

  7. HTC 10 was 400$ this summer, before it got discontinued. I don't really understand why phone companies try to make mid range offerings. Just use Apple's way. Make your older flagship your mid range offering.