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HTC U11 vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test, Multitasking, Camera Speed, AnTuTu Benchmark, Chrome Web Browsing, Apps Opening, Games Opening, and more!


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  1. showing one of, if not THE fastest android simply loading an app is hardly a "test" of the phone. the APKs of iphone and android are different, but the data inside an app is not. so iphone can load a game faster from hard start faster. awesome, but if you use the SAME hardware linux vs windows, windows loads everything faster, know why? The os was designed to open programs quicker, but at length, linux tends to keep the data and handle it much better.

  2. Iphone only loads game faster. Who else except kids will play games every day and night? For usual apps like browser, youtube, calculator and so on, U11 is indeed faster. You can also clearly notice the iphone having some slow down or lag when opening BASIC app calculator unlike the numberpad just instantaneously pop up on U11.

  3. But i wont fall again on old tricks…yes,u11 is amazing,fast and very fluid,BUT,its just another android! That means GOOGLE will ruin that great performance very soon after u got a bran new htc u 11- bacground processing,like updates of google play services,google play store,etc(they are updateing even if u dont want them to update,its automatic updates,u cant stop them,u wont even see these updates unless u have some of those antivirus apps) will make this great phone sloeer and laggy in a short time.

  4. I appreciate this test, I really do, thank you for the time. However, do you really believe as a human being that your fingers are pressing the apps at the same time? This test need to be conducted more scientifically

  5. lol, samsung s8 worse than iphone 7 plus. and Apple just showed iphone 8 and iphone x.
    iphone wasn't beaten. i thikng, half the time the guy pressed the button on HTC a bit earlier. Imo, they are equal in speed, the difference comes to Android and iOS not having apps done equally all the time.
    now I need all 3 phones battle for VR king, since they are made for it.
    also, Google Chrome and Apple are not really compatible, try Safari next time. The fingerprints all over the HTC, yuck.
    i see an HTC fanboy video.

  6. I am an lets say an iphone guy , but today i ordered the u11 which is fantastic , i skipped the iphone this year , kept my fantastic super 6s plus and purchased a decent android for lees money than woukd cost me to upgrade . HTC U11 , was my choice .

  7. I wish HTC would quit trying to be like other companies. I always likes HTC because they were so different. Looks like some of the HTC apps are gone and of course the dual front facing speakers. Still using my m8!

  8. Maybe the htc U11 is faster than the Iphone 7plus but only in the short term, if we use them for about a year U11 will become slower and 7plus will stay the same .
    I used Iphone 6 for a year and I didn't have any problem except the memory so I bought htc M9+ which is better than iphone 6 in specifications but after 6 months it became slower and slower, In my opinion Iphone 7plus is better than htc U11 on long term.