HTC U12+ | Live on the Edge

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With an entirely new design with Pressure Sensitive Buttons, a highly-rated dual camera set up and Edge Sense 2, you’ll live on the edge with the HTC U12+.

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  1. I want my phone right now . One month complete but no result i got . You and service center all trying to astray me. I want result . I spend 50,000rs not a small amount.
    I buy Htc U11 but some reason my phone was not working he dead and my phone is under warranty. I send my phone to service center Ranchi, Jharkhand but my phone was not completed i don't know why ?
    Htc service center staf said to me wait 10 days more because Htc is Taiwan company and Taiwan is not send parts fast and give some more reason what i do ?
    Help me I'm regular customer of Htc . I use many phones of Htc,but this time I'm bored for htc service. I plan to buy htc u12 but now I'm more confused.
    Please resolve my problem
    Htc is unfaithful company maybe that's why your customers is going less
    HTC service is much worse than my thinking

  2. Samsung may great in its own way, but how can HTC be so irrelevant these days? It continues to have an amazing-unique style. I have this phone, and I love it. HTC is the best! (No matter what the haters say). 🙂

  3. I really do hope HTC will bring back the front firing speakers with the best boomsound. I really miss the old days when HTC is the best and unique smartphone ever produced in Android flagship. Everyone of HTC fans are waiting for your return to the top again. Cheer !!!