Htc u12 plus 2020 review

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Review of the 2018 released htc u12 plus review . Is it worth it?

You might be surprised!!

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  1. I loved my HTC12+ phone, but I decided to upgrade to the OnePlus 8. I miss the themes and from my 12+, and the edge sense was kinda cool….but I don't miss anything else other than nostalgia for the many HTC phones I've had over the years.

  2. Man, I identify a lot with you. I love HTC smartphones, I'm actually using U12 plus too and I love it. And two more things, I love HTC's clock widget too and I used to be a Samsung hater. Great video man and greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽

  3. Sense UI is what differentiated HTC from others. But in the quest of becoming faster & light they have reduced the Sense UI to "sense-less" UI. Now the UI is so vanilla android that they will get no buyer for their asking price.
    Miss the Old HTC (with its Beautiful Sense UI)……which WAS " Quitely Brilliant"

  4. Interesting how the poster does not reply to my post but does others 🤔 is it because my perspective is unlike your own? In fairness there are a lot of things you did not even mention or address in this video making it somewhat biased…let's see now if my comments get deleted…

  5. I have had the U11+ for 18 months and this piece of sh#t for 5 months. The U11+ is way better in terms of battery life and heating issue. I sold the U12+ because of inferior battery, overheating, lack of updates and ridiculously poor customer support.

  6. Interesting take on this phone 🤔 I also really like the camera and customization options but I also found edge sense 2 very useful. I customized what apps would pop up with the first squeeze which is a lot I think at least 10 on each semi circle and it shows a calender and I set the second squeeze to launch my flashlight. I too didn't like the navigation bar but it only has to stay on for the home screen I think every other you can make it go down apart from when typing I believe. I also noticed your navigation bar only has 3 things on it but mine has 4 (4th being the hide bar) and then when swiped to the right on the bar it has 4 more features including screen shot and screen recording and two others…all of which are customizable, I am on the latest Android 9.0 I wonder if we are on the same one? Battery isn't great but I've adopted the keep battery between 30-80% philosophy as I read it is good for longevity on smart phones batteries therefore I have not noticed it much. I also find the double tap on the edge for one handed mode (you can also set this to do something else) very useful as the phone is a bit big for my hand so I use it often but I'd definitely recommend adjusting the sensitivity to your liking on both the tap and the squeeze and the smart rotate is really good too as I found it annoying having to physically change it from the menu everytime where as this phone senses it by how you are holding it. I know some reviewers just see the edge sense and squeeze features as a gimmick but I have found them to be some of the most innovative and useful features on the phone. Maybe it's because HTC has had time to refine it since the first version on the u11. I'm quiet surprised none of these features were discussed in the video as they are some of my favourites. I use stock Android not custom and have not experienced any stuttering…but each to there own I guess.