HTC U12 Plus Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Here’s my review of #HTC #U12Plus. My experience with this phone has been a let down and ultimately a fail on HTC’s part. There are so many other great #smartphones that are priced better that I can’t recommend this device especially with the buttons. HTC #EdgeSense2 is great here and so is the camera but tune in to see more of what I have to say about the HTC U12 Plus.

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  1. I dont understand i been having this phone from day one they released and its a learning curve just like people getting adapt to it but this phone really perform good honestly best phone i ever had from pictures and clean you must not seen vs videos this phone it greater in speed agains top dogs iphonex and note 9 and s9

  2. Thanks for your views on video. I have no problem with the volume buttons after the update. I also think that the battery is great compared to my u11. Video recording limited to 6 mins is not great, I agree. My screen minimization function is not as consistent as it appears to be for you in your video Tay. I can tap the side until the cows come home sometimes, with zero screen minimization. I think for this, another update is needed. Might be regional issue with updates. I'm not in US.