HTC U12 Review in 2020: Still Worth it?

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The HTC U12+ is the last proper flagship or the reason the company failed? Let’s find out how is the HTC U12+ holding on in 2020.

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  1. I can attest that fast charging does destroy batteries. I realized it happening on the htc 10 evo that I bought. I'm not that sold on fast charge past 3.0 and even then its suspect. If I spent insane full price or discounted price a year or a couple of years later I would like to know that my battery would hang for years to come.

  2. Can't help it lmao 😂 sounds like Count Dracula doing a review but good review nice job can stop laughing

  3. damn, I remember I rooted for this phone but after finding out after its release that it has a really dim screen I removed it from the highly potential next device list and seeing this review just makes me sad that HTC flopped with this thing a bit, well, let's hope their new phones will help to make a comeback but now among OEMs who might make a comeback I am very hopeful for Sony while Nokia started to stagnate and LG's new strategy is a mixed bag

  4. For me the last decent package from htc was the htc 10. Well not the complete package because auto focus was a problem, and night mode and HD mode was awful, but it was a steady performer. The front camera was great. Just wish they left the speaker system alone. But I suffered reboot issues after a year and a half. Their customer service is terrible. Had to send my phone to their repair center FOUR separate occasions. Each time they'd replace different components but never solved the problem until they returned my phone to me on the fourth try. And what did I get for a good will gesture and apology? 10% off at the htc store. I've been a htc fan for a long long time. But they severed the relationship with their terrible customer service. Each time I sent my sent my phone to their repair center, I was without my phone for two weeks at a time. I cannot trust them anymore but something keeps pulling me back to htc, the u11 plus maybe? But I shake myself out of it and see sense.

  5. Thanks for the video. This phone is actually disgusting. I suffered 4 months with this piece of sh@t and got rid of it with a great pleasure. My major complains were about constant overheating (even in stand by mode) and enormously high battery drain (even in aircraft mode).
    I have also had the U11+ and the Eleven was way better in every aspect, except for stereo base of multimedia speakers.
    HTC has died and it is a fact.

  6. Android 10 for HTC U11 + and HTC U12 + will be available says HTC because they have only gone through a major update, some sources say that HTC will work with Google and will make an update to Android 10 with Android One so that these very good phones are updated more often …

  7. Sorry for HTC, but they died by their own hands. As an old fan it's sad to see them like that. But this is just HTC Ultra reloaded, with the same battery and screen problems. Why do so many mistakes I don't understand. Audio is still stellar, good rear camera, but without battery and screen it's useless.