HTC U12+ (U12 Plus) camera test

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This video isn’t intended to be a comprehensive HTC U12+ (U12 Plus) camera review, but it will give you a good sense as to what you can expect from the camera on HTC’s latest smartphone. The HTC U12+ sports a very capable main dual-sensor setup and the front-facing dual-sensor camera does an incredible job at capturing selfies with the fake background-blur effect.

HTC U12+ Unboxing
HTC U12+ first look



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  1. Okay, we're now at the point where the phone takes better wide-angle pictures than my Nikon D3100 with a kit lens – at a considerably higher price, but with much better portability. That's probably going to be my next phone.

  2. I rmember comparing the U11 and Galaxy S8 in a store last year, and there was a noticeable lag when snapping photos with the U11 that there wasn't with the S8. Is there still a lag with the U12?

  3. It seems that this phones camera can only take photos in 4:3 aspect ratio and videos in 16:9 widescreen… Is that True? Or can it also take 16:9 widescreen photos but you didn't set it to do so.

  4. The pics look very natural I love it and portrait mode seem diff it doesn't outline the subject as much but still looks awesome let's see if HTC's management could keep up with their phone

  5. I own a HTC U11. Camera is very good. Colors and clarity is awesome but there are some issues when it comes to control highlights. Can you please compare it with Google pixel 2 so that we can get an idea as pixel 2 is knows for superb highlight control and dynamic range?

  6. Video compression artifacts are too obvious. ( I've seen other footages from other phones on youtube too but issue related to youtube video compression is absent) I also observe jerky movement even on the smoth held footage. Same thing happens on U11. However camera stills are quite decent. Also aggressive oversharpening is hard at work on the selfie camera.

  7. I admire HTC u12+ camera excellent performance though OIS + EIS combination are still not good if compared to other flagship, oneplus 6 has one the best OIS+EIS in a smartphone from my opinion

  8. Have p20 Pro. Used to have htc u11 plus. Loved the phone. The only concern was the screen brightness, not too good but all the rest was brilliant. Now the question. Is in your opinion p20 Pro better or worse then htc u 12 plus? Is the screen in htc u12 plus better than in u11 plus? And is the battery size good enough? Thank you. Great video as always. ?

  9. the photos are fantastic, the video is not stabilized as htc U11. we need a software update from HTC. So we know, this update will be made to improve everything