HTC U12+ Update: Buttons & Battery Fix- Does it Help?

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HTC U12 Plus just got a software update that’s supposed to address its two biggest problems: battery life and the buttons. I’ve tested both prior to updating and had problems. During this video I discuss if the update helped.

Original Buttons Video (prior to update):
Battery Test (prior to update):


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  1. Same man the buttons still need work and the battery is disappointing… It's a shame people act like you're crazy and don't know how to simply push buttons lol nice update vid

  2. There's a channel called hotroddy74 which shows that there are no problems with buttons (old software)….
    Maybe ur device has some kinda hardware problem…

  3. Hm – canยดt really confirm. After the update my buttons are simply perfect. Actually, I used my HTC 10 and GS8 today and felt no difference to those buttons of them. So I think for the future I see them as a good step forward towards actual 100% buttonless phones. And actually this comes with a lot of advantages tbh, considering how often I had button failures already (GS6 powerbutton fell off, HTC m9 volume buttons cracked, iPhone 6 fingerprint / home button broke etc) this really makes me hope for having less issues here.

    and having the duouble tap to open the quick launcher and squeez gestures on a phone of this size makes absolute sense to me and completely changed my way of working with the phone to the good.

    As the u12+ was not really my first choice and I only got it with my new contract, this phone has even outperformed the p20pro for me just in the way it delivers while doing everyday stuff.

  4. I always wondered why only bad feedback about the buttons comes from only reviewers!!! Never heard bad feedback about the buttons from regular users weather before or after the update!!

  5. Not gonna lie the worked fine for except portrait mode it was iffy. I'd push it but nothing. That's the most that you know the but the update helped a bit

  6. Dude I had HTC since the beginning IDK what you were doing I pre-ordered the phone and had it upon release no problems at all plus yeah the battery I understand but after the update. My phones been off charge and me drinking all day and listening on youtube it's right now at 56 percent so it's been going for over 10 hrs