HTC U12+ vs HTC U11 Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!

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HTC U12+ vs HTC U11 Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!

HTC U12 Plus Amazon price (affiliate):
HTC U11 Amazon price (affiliate):

Test includes benchmarks, selfie cameras, Chrome, games, apps, boot up, multitasking, and more!


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  1. Dear Phone Battles, Thank you for the video's, you seem very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what you do. you put a lot of time and effort in your work, i can see that. And i thought i might like some feedback on making them better still. for the next video it might help to pay a little bit more attention to your pronunciation and articulation of the consonants. or if that is a little tricky maybe just speak slower. I found it really hard to understand/ hear you throughout your clips. I don't mean to offend, i would just like to hear you better. Take care!

  2. More screen and more actual in design for the U12.Performance wise they are both top so you can't go wrong with none of them.Camera wise U12 is better but not by much and overall for what a smartphone camera can be the HTC provides top class quality.Audio is the best and the ture quality is when you are using headphones/earphones.Overall quality of the HTC makes it the best in the market lacking only a oled panel witch is not a deal breaker and some of the gimmick's, most unuseful but good for ads.HTC is the father of android and made/makes lots of useful invations and also deserve every penny compared to the competition.

  3. Sorry but duel tapping apps will not work or in my opinion it cannot justify which one will win because 1 finger could touch the other screen before the other .

  4. So it seems, if you have already bought HTC U11 or U11 Plus there is no reason to upgrade your device to U12 Plus. But if you don't have any of these, you better take the newer U12 Plus.