HTC U12+ vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Comparison // Battle of the Quad Cameras

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Photos and video from the front and rear cameras of the HTC U12+ and Huawei P20 Pro in both good and low light.

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  1. Lots of good examples in and out, that's what I call a review. Was looking to change my M9 = I guess HTC still rules except for those squeezes…

  2. P20 is your night camera. That's it's only camera use, it's crap in day light but those night shots are well lit.

    EDIT: It handles artificial lights pretty well too.

  3. Great video. Your phone camera reviews are very well done. The only change I'd request is some commentary on the photos, noting differences, as opposed to music.

  4. HTC 12 plus better in the day time pictures and video(better dynamic range and no over sharpening)but the P20 Pro is the best when it captures reds/HTC U12 better in low light video and front cameras ,and audio/Huawei is the king in night shots where the HTC falls like Huawei in video mode.I think both problems can be fixed via software but till then Samsung is Killing them in video mode but HTC and Huawei are better when it comes to picture quality.

  5. Huawei seriously needs to push an update to allow the users to have a control over the exposure of the front facing camera… Not everyone who takes selfies are young asian girls and not all people like that automatic skin whitening effect! It's really sad because if you use other camera apps you wouldn't get this issue.

  6. The u12 front facing camera looks great in comparison to the p20. But the night shots on the u12 keep blowing out the highlights while the p20 pro highlights are preserved. Great cameras on both devices regardless.