HTC U12+ vs LG G7 ThinQ first look

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The HTC U12+ and the LG G7 are true Android flagships both inside and out, but what makes them different? Here’s our first-look comparison between these two high-ends.

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  1. When HTC got rid of the headphone jack they committed suicide fully. Audio has always been a big emphasis of the phone. It won't be as good through a USB C dongle. You might as well get a pixel.

  2. Love both, but

    boombox speaker, quad dac, dts:x, 2k screen, wide angle camera, 3.5mm jack, lower price, ip68,military standard for drop shock etc, exp storage, wireless charging…

  3. Love both brands but HTC has front facing speakers and a higher Dx0 Mark on camera specs.dont think this guy highlighted those. So it's not such a hard sell.lg great wide angle lens also very loud speaker. But y it got the notch I don't no.

  4. My LG V20 is better than both of them! As a matter of fact I have compared it to every phone in Sprint and at Best Buy and even bought a Note 8 when it came out only to return it 2 days later because I liked the V20 better. The V20 screen looks better than all of the newer phones I have been looking at. While the Note 8, Galaxy S phones and I-Phone screens are nice they are not as bright unless you are watching videos. Seems like the manufactures are all auto dimming the phones during normal usage and even using web browsers to save battery since you can not remove them and switch them out for a freshly charged one like you can on the V20. It is a damn shame you can only get mid range and low end phones with removable batteries now. To make it worse Samsung is even starting to do it on those too from what I saw yesterday at the Sprint store.

  5. Use your money better. Buy the samsung s9 Instead. Better camera, screen, audio, support, updates, security, reliability, app support, wifi, radio, 5g and lsdt but not least, better bloatware!

  6. So many people sleep on sound. Htc is best sounding phone hands down. Noone else is even close to quality. That is a feature I use more then any other gimmicky stuff people make up. So keep your talking emoji s away from me

  7. I feel G7 is a more balanced phone in all aspects for day to day life usage as well as value for money device. I'm really impressed with the QDAC sound quality and wide angle camera. For me these 2 features along with IP68 and SD845 are enough to go for G7.

  8. More battery, more ram, probably better audio and better audio recording (you know, more mics and speakers, audio focusing while zooming in…), better earphones on the box with noise canceling. Everyone has its own priorities, but honestly all that for extra $49 is a bargain to me, some headphones with noise canceling themselves would probably cost that already in a best-case scenario.

  9. HTC clearly one it's the worlds first buttonless phone this beats LG in audio with active noise cancellation and HTC has a bigger battery, also 360 DEGREE recording and camera, Edge Sense is just a brilliant feature

  10. Can’t wait to ditch my LG G6 for the new HTC U12+ – I’ve had my G6 for about 9 months and already I’m seeing bad screen burn and a fast draining battery. My sister had her G5 for 2 years, but even before her upgrade was due the ghosting of the screen was horrendous & the battery drain was really severe. I’ve had HTC phones before and always been able to pass them on to family or keep as a spare device without worrying about them failing like LGs. Took a chance with LG now I’m glad to be going back to HTC.

  11. Htc needs a brand subsidiary like the honor branding of Huawei to make good handsets with flagship like specs at midrange prices. This is the only way I see htc stay afloat.