Huawei Ascend G6: To love is to share

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To love is to share. Share the things that matters most with her and win her heart.
See how with the Huawei Ascend G6


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  1. Huawei is actually good it has so much cool stuff eg the ascend g7 has 1 face ID 2 put ur hand on the phone to close it 3 shake to change wall paper 4 flip it upside down to turn off timers and snooze alarms etc etc

  2. I'm happy to say I'm still using my G6 today 😛 160€ for this phone and I don't regret it a bit, hopefully it will go through 4 years in my hands before it gets replaced, that's a really long time considering how cheap it was back in 2014

  3. Pretty good phone, in fact I'm using it right now. Only problem I have with it is the audio. It has a problem with adjusting to volume levels so dynamics in songs get effed up at a low volume

  4. You say full review how about GPS yes i know it has but can you test it outside in real time without wifi 
    data connection or bluetooth?
    To see how realy fast locks satellites?
    And please when you say Full review include GPS without data coonection or bluetooth or wifi.

  5. bad phone dont get this its like a fake copy of iphone chinese only know how to copy things i had it it was bad my s3 was way better only the battery life is better like 5 month it stopped working and shutdown by it self over over again soo anoying never going with this company ever and build quality looks good but its shit if the side tapes on anything it will leave a big ass mark