Huawei Ascend P7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

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Ascend P7 vs. Galaxy S5!

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  1. Prefer the Samsung white on black themes for text – generally easier on the eyes than the black text on white background. Can you change that on the Huawei? Very nice phone.

  2. Still LOVING!!!!!!!!!! My huawei p6. Amazing phone and even more amazing price. Apple and Samsung seriously overrated and pricing is ridiculously expensive.

  3. please learn to articulate better. when you named the processorspeed of the s5 i couldnt even know what the hell you said after 3 rewinds. 2ghfdhgfdshertz. i know english is problably not your base language, but try to talk more understandable, maybe a bit slower on some points. nice vid annyway

  4. Just descovered Huawei phones and i am inn love already. But is it possible to put inn a larger battery? I use a larger battery inn my samsung s5 and i love the battery life it has and cant live without it.

  5. can i see the actual pixels on the s5 or is that just the background? i agree with a bunch of people. samsung is almost liek an iphone now, a brand item, overpriced, overkill, i have the huawei and i can say it is AMAZING

  6. And… The winner is Huawei Ascend P7 but,no cover type book for Huawei Ascend P7,but there Samsung Galaxy S5. Ok,I understand… P7 is elegant and slighty larger than Samsung Galaxy S5 because I want to get my P7

  7. I'm gonna buy P7, it looks amazing. Samsung is a overrated brand and their phones are overpriced, tho not as badly as apple, which is just sh*t. Huawei isn't spoiled yet, they only bring good quality phones for a legit price (atleast this p7 and Honor 6 seem really good for their price).