HUAWEI HONOR 8X – REVIEW (Budget smartphone, good camera, good for gaming)

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【HUAWEI HONOR 8X 】: (250usd now)

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Honor 8X is a smartphone that applies the biggest display and the highest screen-to-body ratio of Honor series products respectively- fora superb viewing experience and comfortable grip, which is extremely comparable to flagship phones. A-class cameras configuration fora more beautiful performance in rear photography and front selfie tiling. ft can run games seamlessly at high frame rates, and provide an immersive gaming experience and a longer battery life for easier and longer lasting gaming.


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  1. What I do really like about this mobile company that they do make a good quality products all supported with metal with good classy packing box , I think they gonna take over market pretty soon .

  2. Fantastic review! One of those odd things I was looking at the same phone on amazon yesterday! In my opinion someone is mad to spend £10000 on an iPhone The Honor has everything I need inc a headphone socket. No USB C but that's being picky. I started to buy Chinese phones 5 years ago and people took the P### for it but they started to ask questions and started buying them. The quality of that phone is superb.