Huawei Honor A1 SmartBand (Review)

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  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for the video, but I still have a lot of questions. I bought the cellphone today and in the store the gave me this device, but I do not know if I have to wear only the bracelet or if I have to wear both the black bracelet and the tiny thing under the black bracelet Also, If I have to wear both, should I have to sleep wearing both and I have to have by my side the phone on with the bluetooth on, too?

  2. Hi can u tell me which app to use with this. I scanned the qr code and it led me to a web page that has an app link but it's all Chinese. Is there an English version of the app?

  3. i got it…but i dont know for how long should i charge it for the first time?!?!!? its like smarthphone it need 8 hours or like 1-2hours!?? i am speaking about the first charge when the smartband needs to be fully charged…..