Huawei Mate 10 Pro AFTER 60 Days Review

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The Huawei Mate 10 Pro gives with one hand and takes with the other, as I explain in my review.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro:

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  1. Monochrome Photography is something especially younger people should try more… there's still nothing like it for showing real character in a building, landscape or a face..sometimes not flattering..but there's real beauty in the 'grittiness' of people in mono… try it =)

  2. Liked and subscribed.I care less about wireless charging than you do about the brand of camera. The pics are brilliant so far and yes the monochrome sensor is a bit ‘novel’ but it works great. Love my Mate 10 Pro btw…

  3. I wish people would shut up about wireless charging.. its way slower and not very portable either. the only advantage is there is no port to break and it frees up some internal space inside the phone. just give me a big battery with fast charge !!

  4. I just got this phone the day before the Mate 20 was released, brand new of course, couldn't care less about getting the latest and greatest, so glad I got the Mate 10 Pro rather than the Mate 20 as, like many readers below, who needs the wireless charging of the Mate 20 Pro, gimmick as one reader said??!! And prefer the lightning-fast rear fingerprint sensor of the Mate 10 Pro, the in-screen Mate 20 sounds possibly gimmicky too……..

    One thing I find hilarious with all you reviewers, you rabbit on about the "fingerprints", whereas most people with a grain of sense make sure they have their expensive fragile investment protected with a cover and screen protector. Why would you risk cracking/breaking the phone that you just outlaid hundreds of dollars on, when you could buy a really stylish smart protective cover with included screen saver for AU$6 (about US$4.25) from one of the major online sellers???

    My case has "carbon fibre brush technology with perfect texture, non-slip, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch", all for 6 bucks.
    You wanna look cool with your slimline glass back, go right ahead, it won't look so cool after a few short months, you might put up with it for 12, and then, you guessed it, manufacturers love you guys, you go out and buy the latest and greatest and do it all over again!!
    Last phone lasted me 2 years (Samsung S7), had a crap front fingerprint reader, woeful battery after 22 months, love the Mate 10 Pro.

  5. Having used it for 5 months, I'd say it's a great phone. This is my first Android phone so I don't understand the issue with the EMUI. I tried to use Nova Launcher but don't really see any advantage of using it. So far so good. I use PC less now with this phone being so fast.

  6. The monochrom camera is simply amazing (if you like this type of pictures), battery life is very good, video is usable but not as good as other (my Galaxy S7 has a better video quality). And wireless charging…never used, not necessary for me at all.

  7. You're talking so much shit in this video. Nobody said it would give a full battery charge in 20min. Every other reviewer, and Huawei themselves, always said 30min for 58% charged.
    And you're the only one that said the camera is disappointing, perhaps the photographer is the problem, not the camera? I just watched other youtube videos where the photos and 4k video they captured were literally some of the most jawdropping shit ive ever seen from a smartphone, because they knew how to set it up properly.
    Aperture 1.6 and using AI algorithms to get the Luma detail from the 20mp monochrome camera to enhance the Chroma of the RGB camera, automatically, especially in low light situations.. And you say its disappointing. I mean, wot?

    Also you have no understanding what so ever of the NPU. "Its just for background scheduling and stuff"
    Dude…. Having an NPU (which luckily many phones this year implemented, i think Samsung also has one, even cheap phones like Gionee has one in their 200 dollar phones now), is as much a revolution as having a GPU.
    Think about what your GPU enables in terms of graphics compared to running graphics on the CPU.
    THATS the difference that an NPU can and will provide, in terms of neural-network AI.

    This is so far beyond "background optimization and camera dog recognition". You dont even have the farsight to comprehend it..
    This means that you can literally run algorithms that were trained on supercomputer complexes, on a tiny handheld device. And Huawei and other manufacturers are now collaborating to opensource the NPU to be used in third party android apps.
    Do you realize what that means? It means the same thing as the GPU being available to third party apps.
    An explosion of creativity and utility we never even imagined before.