Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs iPhone 8 Plus speaker comparison

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How does the Huawei Mate 10 Pro compare in a speaker comparison against the iPhone 8 Plus? Oh yeah, you guessed it – this video has all the answers. Check it out to hear what I think and let me know what you think. Also – while you’re here, enter our competition to win a Huawei Mate 10 Pro for yourself by clicking through to the following link:


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  1. Nice video, but being an audiophile… I prefer warmth, depth and fuller sound over piercing treble and thumping Ide say the iPhone for me, but I can't decide between a 10 pro or an ugly looking 8plus, Im a bit sick of Android right now and I detest Samsung phones with their bloated TW and phantom touch edge screens, but I refuse to pay £1000 for an iPhone X, so I can't decide

  2. The iPhone 8 plus has stereo speakers but Mate 10 does Not I think the iPhone 8 plus sounded much better and like the way you want to hear it In my opinion I like the 8 plus better than the Mate 10.

  3. How does Huawei Mate 10(Pro) deal with recording of load music such as concerts? My Huawei GX8's quality of records is very poor. Does Huawei improve that in their latest models? Thanks

  4. Looking at the comments on her it’s clear many can’t disting good from bad sound and although both are bad the iPhone not as loud but way better tonality. I’d listen to podcasts and YouTube video but not music on any smartphone lol..

  5. Spotify is flawed on iPhone in regards to sound
    Apple music is louder on the iPhone coompared to spotify
    Spotify isn't the best for comparing sound especially on the iPhone