Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Note8 | AnTuTu Benchmark

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speed test tomorrow ,-)


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  1. The weakness point of the Huawei always be the graphics performance, though after GPU TURBO update, the graphic performance would be increased, I guess. ?

  2. This tests. Well with half of memory ocupied this test showed me, below average, way below. With notifications and gps, 4g active, i had a performance of an 6 yo phone with an ss8+. One runs better on a specific temperature, what is ram memory doing, maybe on one is scanning additional data at the moment, got more bloatware because was used more often, cache levels, core priorities. Just like a desktop, the test is time, how much beating can it takes before starts to shit themselves and need a reset. I never get the same result on this tests, a core gets a little lazy on low bat, maybe two or non. Depends of the usage. U can buy any of these because next year you're gona get a new phone, brand…maybe more.