Huawei Mate 10 vs iPhone X Charging Test: Is Standard iPhone Charging Fast Enough?

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We are taking a look at the charging speeds between the Huawei Mate 10 and the iPhone X. As we know, Supercharging from Huawei is one of the fastest methods of charging around whereas the iPhone X in spite of supporting fast charging does not ship with the fast charging brick or cable. So, do you think it can still hold up because of its smaller battery? Watch the video to find out!

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Voiceover and Edit: Vaibhav Pradip
Music: ES_Make It Rain – Johan Borjesson

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  1. Huawei"s SuperCharging is a fucken gimmick! It first shoots straight up to 4500A – 4800A for a few seconds and then drastically it it drops way down to a miserable 1.7A – 1.8A and it stays there. This is from a battery begging to charge with less than 20% juice. Tested with all different 5A cables and original charging cable, all gaved same resaults! The moment I used a Fast Charging cable, the cable did way better than Huawei's OEM 5A cable charging at 2.4A – 2.6A and staying there! So the Fast Charging is faster than the gimmicky SuperCharge.

    When I tested it with Huawei's SuperCharge car charging adapter it gave better resaults than the outlet SuperCharge brick adopter charging the Mate 9 at 2.6A – 2.8A stable!

    Yo Huawei, what the fuck! Ur SuperCharge tech is fony! Should be called, "SuperFake charging"!!!

    Why? Because when I tested Dash Charging from OnePlus, Dash truelly charged the phone at a Max of 3.4A stabled! Even the Dash Charging car adapter gaved same resaults at a steady 3.4A.
    Tested amps with different apps but mainly with "Ampre"…

  2. something is strange here cause my phone takes about a full hour or maybe hour and a half to be fully charged ? idk lol but I don’t really care nonetheless cause my phone still lasts all day w/ constant use and still has between 30-40%

  3. I have a MacBook so I already have the charger. But what I need is a sub-c to lightening adapter that will allow me to use that charger that I already have with my MacBook on my phone.

  4. Apple is simply trying to suck more money from the people that is why they want remove some basic features from the phone in order to be able to sell some adapter separately and earn more despite of their already very expensive phones…Apple is a money sucker!!! A pillar of greed!

  5. Am I missing something here? Whilst I am a committed Android user (Mate 10pro & Note 8) I can’t see the point of this video when you used what you knew to be a slow charger with the iPhone X. I agree it should come with a fast charger as standard for the rip off price Apple charge, but you proved nothing by using Apples bundled slow charger. A pointless review therefore. Do the same again using a wireless fast charger on the iPhone, (something Huawei are unable to offer on even on their new flagship phones for some odd reason), and the review would make far more sense.

  6. We have to take into consideration that slower charging means more future longevity for battery and faster charging is quite the opposite, it's also the reason why Sony devices charges very slow (but not as slow as iphone x, ofc).