Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review vs iPhone Xr, Pixel 3 and Note 9

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Mate 20 Pro Camera Review Pt 1 –
Mate 20 Pro Camera Review Pt 2 –
Audio Review –

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  1. Hi great review! Huawei mate 20 pro or the smaller pixel 3? Camera, battery and ease of use are key… Don't want shit loads of apps I can't remove 😁

  2. Another great video Gavin! I've always been impressed with your camera comparison's over the years on XDA and I didn't know you had a YouTube channel until a few months ago.
    I recently purchased a Mate 20 Pro and love it, easily the best phone out there that offers so much flexibility with the camera, has the best battery life and is very speedy too! Your in-depth videos helped me to decide, so thank you!
    Looking forward to your future videos! 👍🏻

  3. What could be the best selfie phone at this time of the year ..November 2018

    I'm using the note 9

    I'm just wondering if there is a better option In terms of " best selfie camera"

    Thank you 🙂

  4. First im going to explain my arguments both are expensive and great phone's with great processor, scree, cameras, battery, but the extra details make the difference, 2. The price for 1049 € Huawei gives a 40 w fast charger, case, headphones, dongle, and iPhone for 1159 € give you only the tiny toy 5w charger and the headphones, 3. Both have very capable chips, 4. Battery iPhone give you 3174 ahm wich is very optimized but when its about charge the iPhone lacks of a real fast charger with more than 2 hours from 0-100% and with the fast ''charger'' takes 1.50 h . Now Huawei mate gives you a 40 w fast charger that takes 55 min from 0-100 % and the 15 watts wireless charger is more faster than the iPhone model. When it comes to speed test in the paper IPHONE is more faster but the real life test shows other thing
    4. Camera's at this point both take great photos with the principal sensor : f.1.8 for both 40 mpx for Huawei and 12 for Apple's models. but with some differences between like the color interpretation, exposure in the side of Apple's shows more flat colors and in the case of Huawei more satured colors but with great details because of the sensor of 40 mpx when it comes to versatility the Huawei mate is the clear winner because of the lenses 1. Primary 40 mpx 2. Wide angle lens 20 mpx . 3. Telephoto 8 mpx zoom x 5 .
    5. Video at this point iPhone's have a little advantage in terms of OIS and can record at 4k at 60 fps something that Huawei mate 20 can't for now only 4k at 30 fps but can record with the 3 lenses in 4k (versatility again)
    6. When it comes to security Huawei offers you face id and fingerprint on display (again versatility )
    7. Opion both are great devices but are destined for a different type of users Huawei focuses on the camera's, and long periods of heavy use because of the 4200 battery, with fast charger, iPhone focuses on the video recording apartment, the multimedia content and the ecosystem apple. Probably between this two phones i probably choose iPhone if were living in EEUU or UK, Canada because of the ecosystem..apart of that the Huawei mate is blocked by the government of USA..If Huawei and USA can fix a treatment i probably choose the Huawei mate 20 pro, now if i live in Europe or Asia i totally recommend the Huawei mate 20 pro because of the cost benefit ..finally all depends of your preferences but i try to show you the points with the pros and cons of both phone…✌👍

  5. Another great video, Sir! As you suggested, I am going to wait and see how upcoming firmware updates are going to improve its video quality, especially over 1080p 30 fps. It is really strange that a brand new chip with 7nm technology cannot handle videos with higher frame rates or 4K as good as SD845.

  6. Great review again Gav. If I may say your reviews are unbiased and point me in the right direction everytime. Thanks for your efforts Gav 👍

  7. Totally unrelated question but how is the Audio quality on headphones on the Note 9 ? I own a pair of 1more triple Driver headphones so Will it be necessary to buy The Google USB C to 3.55mm dongle for the note 9?

  8. Thank you for your review. You're the only one that agrees that 1080 60fps is crap as it constantly skips frames and 4k has warping issues at the edges.
    All others don't bother or just don't mention it for obvious reasons.

  9. Hi Gavin another great video. I can tell your channel is getting more and more popular. Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to your next video.

  10. Dear Sir, again a very big THANK to you for this good and informative review of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro – good and not so good characteristics to illuminate us potential owners to this amazing smartphone! Wishing you all the very Best! Friendly greetings from Sweden!

  11. Gavin, good video but the selection of intro music reminds me of the exorcist or some other horror movie. Please consider a more cheerful song. That scary piano tune is more suited to a top 5 creepiest / scariest list video

  12. m hating huawei mate 20 pro..after hearing all those bugs…camera prblem…video recording prblm..and over all that screen bleeding issue…what could i do..its breaking my heart.