Huawei Mate 20 Pro Vs. iPhone XS Vs. Samsung Note 9: Camera Shootout

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  1. No doubt. Huawei Win almost in every photo. Normal people shoot picture is not for police case. Realistic is not excuse for iPhone. Phone is combination of shooting and editing. Huawei did both for normal people.

  2. A day time stabilisation test would have been good. It seems like the Mate 20 has stabilisation like the hero 7, great in day time but unusable in low light situations. Id love to see more comparisons focusing on just video.

  3. According to this video, Huawei clearly wins photo part, iOS is still a generally convenient system, Samsung prefers vivid colors; Huawei loses video recording, the motion is just not smooth, but it has a special real-time video function, iPhone and Samsung do a better job on recording. However, ‘realistic’ sounds like an ironic excuse – professional cameras have shown its better picture capturing function than eyes, but ‘realistic’ is just limited the definition of photography or maybe it’s the limitation of apple.

  4. I us3d to hit the subscribe button on your channel but after browsing all you videos makes me Regret…why??

    You didnt reviews all phone brands…specially SONY..or blackberry….

    That seems biased to me….
    Its a responsibility of a reviewer to review all the phone brand wit an honest opinion….

    So thumbsdown to you…just a waste of time…

  5. How fis Note 9 lose outright? Ali of the iPhone pics except the One selfie looked worst. The Moulin rouge shot with iPhone looked like something you'd get with iPhone 4 years back. Overall the night pics of iPhone were not impressive at all

  6. I recommend you to go to see eyes doctor.. you have problem with your eyes.. we all seen that Huawei mate 20 pro is the best and I am not even huawei fan

  7. some youtuber smudged the other cameras exect the one that they wnt that phone to win.for mer the true winner is the #samsung galaxy Note 9.yes the note nine base on his pictures he cant differentiate the difference of how the final pic looks how much details on each phones.he emidiet pic the #note9 because we all know this man is #iPhone lover then he hates with all both samsung and apple me my self.