Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Pixel 3 XL vs Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max Charging Speed Test!

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Battery charging speed test comparison between Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20, Google Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max. Which phone do you think will charge fastest?

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  1. God Apple is truly a joke. Been using iphone since ip3G, I switched to oneplus 3T around 2 years ago, but I still keep iphone 6. Now with that whooping 1000++ pricetag, you would want all the best features to be there. It is super ridiculous that they dont even come with the fast charger

  2. Bruhhh so huawei claimed that their phone could “charge faster” but it was actually due to their charger?Really!?Why not just get a faster charger and charge the iphone Xs max

  3. Quick charging is not always a good thing. It degrades your battery life due to the heat and current draw! Always charge your phone slowly when possible.
    I'm a long term Samsung user. My battery health is poor on my s7 due to my heavy use of fast charging.

  4. iPhone is a joke, I used it for 2 months. The charging take forever to fully charge, overpriced and so boring to use. The only thing that I liked was the camera. Samsung 9 plus and Huawei mate 20 pro have more features with almost half of the price of an iPhone xs max. Now I'm using huawei mate 20 pro, it's the perfect phone in the market now.

  5. Excuse me!!! The Samsung galaxy j1 2014 has a 5w charger!! This is a 70 dollar phone!!! Wtf apple!,??, You pay more for just the fast charger than you do for the other phone!!!!!

  6. As much as i'd like the Mate 20 Pro to be the best smartphone of 2018, i'm still giving it to the Note 9: The S-pen, Audiojack, Micro SD-card, No following the "trendy" notch stuff. Huawei is definitely going places though! They really put themselves high up since the P20 Pro

  7. Instead of using original adapter + original cabel in the box why not buying extra fast charging adapter 29W + usb type C to lightning cable for fully use of fast charging on iPhone? Another remake video for this comparison would be awesome

  8. iPhones are great but due to such a big price difference and since mate 20 pro is so much superior than Apple . It’s really a shame for Apple . I have a iPhone X . Apple was looting people’s money yeah by its quality but thanks to huawei to introduce such a incredible specs that there’s no any need to buy an iPhone anymore. Honestly I was an Apple fan boy but due to such a high prices I’m fading away from Apple . Ill upgrade to mate 20 pro . Bye bye Apple

  9. I don't understand all this craze over blazing fast quick charging. Most people simply don't need it and when you go to extremes, like the 40W charger, it's not healthy for lithium batteries and it reduces their life span.
    You say that Samsung is "still stuck" with the 15W charger, but honestly i feel like it's the best option out of the ones in this video. It's still good enough to charge your phone in a timely manner, but at the same time it's not compromising your battery's health.

  10. Huawei also claimed the mate 20 pro is one of the fastest wireless charging phones…. Could you test it out @mrwhostheboss… Like if you wanna see the test