Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Samsung Note 9 – SPEED TEST

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A speed and performance test between the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
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Throughout this video you can also check out a quick video editing test, the antutu and geekbench scores, ram management and much more.

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  1. I like your video a lot, good work. But i need to ask. You said in the beginning one is running android 9 and the other is running android 8.1. DO you think there is optimization differences in the OS ? IG the video editing ?

  2. 2:00

    There is no way the Mate 20 Pro is that quick or the Note 9 that slow. Not even A12 is that fast. Something smells fishy. Looks like it was loaded before hand already or it simply was a much smaller file. Rigged I say.

  3. The video compiling test , one has to wonder if the note is doing something different , because every where else the note is only a split second behind.
    It was almost like the note was decompressing a file as well ?
    It would be interesting to see the same test done using a different program .
    If i remember correctly , huawei uses a more efficient video format , just wondering if we are really seeing apples for apples so to speak ?

  4. That Kirin 980 is insanely fast. It feels almost like it's cheating. First of all the Note 9 is running with the Cortex A75 manufactured under the 10nm FinFet while the Kirin 980 is running on Cortex A76 manufactured under the 7nm FinFet I bet you that once QUALCOMM produces their next chipset manufactured under the 7nm fabrication, it's going to make the Kirin 980 chipset look like an Entry level processor Mark My words HUAWEI

  5. I liked your video a lot because you have done heavy duty tests that other youtubers do not do. It is very important to check the speed with a video editing program to see the real performance of the processor and the phone together. I would like very much to see this test between the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the IPhone XR or XS. Congratulations for your work! The truth about whether the A12 Bionic processor or the Kirin 980 is more powerful in heavy video rendering, augmented reality or virtual reality tasks is not yet known. It would be very interesting a test of both …

  6. You may not know, the Antutu bench mark is owned by Xiaomi, which treats Huawei as there biggest rival, so you can see when the Mate 20 Pro is released, it easily gets 31000+ score, but after the Antutu update to a new edition, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro only got 23000+ while the phones that use a Snapdragon SoC(which Xiaomi phone uses too) can still get around 30000 points. And that's why the Mate 20 Pro beats the Note 9 in every single aspect except for Antutu bench mark score.