Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review – 3 Months Later! | With GOOGLE Apps!

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Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review – 3 Months Later! With GOOGLE Apps! Skipping the unboxing and first look hands-on video entirely, this video gets straight to the full detailed review 3 months after launch/release with info on everyday use! Many people have asked me how to get google apps/services on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, but this video amongst other things discusses whether indeed you should? How good is the smartphone to warrant all that effort? Camera, battery test, gaming performance, EMUI software, etc are all covered before we get to any talk of Google Services, Play Store, Android 10, etc. Is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro the best smartphone you can buy in early 2020? Is Google ban a problem for you? Will the U.S drop the ban, or will Huawei focus on their own HongMeng OS or Oak OS / Ark OS as it has also been rumored to be called!

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  1. Just the lack of volume buttons is kind of a deal breaker, other than that it's a brilliantly priced phone which is undoubtedly better than the iPhone 11. Apple is still putting out phones with massive notches and just 4gb ram, and that's a little funny.

  2. Got my Mate 30 Pro a few days ago, and it's freaking solid. No GMS? No problem! Work around it like. Best thing about Android is that there is almost always a way to go around for the things that aren't available for your device/country, without having to meddle/temper too much with the device itself.

  3. To be honest your Huawei will become a piece of brick if any politically sensitive matter is tickling on Communist Mainland China.Google , Facebook , and all other western social media will be completely disabled you all you can receive are all the Maoist Propaganda songs and videos such as something like 'The Sun is always Red' or 'Without the Communist Party there is no New China' something like that.

  4. I, thanks for the review!
    Actually i also ordered on the same seller 1 month ago, and i'm waiting mine (coming this week, according to the seller, because it was stuck on UK customs)
    I had a question about it : Kidult_online say Google play store is on it… but is this just the apk pack and we have to install it, or Google play Store is already installed ?
    Thanks in advance for your anwer!
    Regards ! 🙂

  5. You think google services will be integrated in huawei p40 pro when google and other delayed coporation. You think google and huawei will come to an agreement again?

  6. s10plus:headphonejack,better front camera,heart rate sensor,more expandable storage,google default support,samsung dex,slightly better display,better biometrics because 3d fingerprint is better than optical fingerprint on Huawei

    mate 30pro:camera,battery,fast charging,fast wireless charging,fast reverse wireless charging ,ufs3.0

  7. Huawei has great battery life, best cam, nice looking, fast charging speed. But iPhone only has iOS, it has no innovation or some features that can blow my mind:(

  8. If I was going get a Huawei phone, I would not get the Play store or anything Google. This BS just shows that Google has way too much power. It's only going to backfire because they will cause brands like Huawei to replace the Play store. Who wants their products to be ruined on the whim of a government. I hope Android becomes more open source and drops Google.