Huawei Mate20 Series | Taking Over the Sparkly Burj Khalifa

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#HUAWEIMate20 Series made the iconic Burj Khalifa come to life to welcome the world to a #HigherIntelligence. Pre-order starting October 25th and receive free gifts!

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  1. جهاز رائع استثمار رائع للمستقبل يعني جهاز لما تدفع قيمته تعرف انت كسبان استثمار لمدة سنتين على الأقل جهاز يحترم بكل معنى الكلمة ❤❤

  2. Where the technolgy bring us today? Who thought one of the most advance phone use world tallest building as a canves for show their advertisments….

  3. Sell the phone separately for cheaper instead of bundling it with other items no one wants to buy. Offer attractive upgrade programs for existing Samsung and Iphone users. Make sure shops in the UAE can use your wireless payment system in order to be at par with your competition. Offer a free memory card since it can’t be bought anywhere at the moment. Promote your desktop mode which is a great feature for business users and then people would really consider buying your phones.