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Here are the 10 best and useful features (tips and tricks) I found while using the new Huawei Nova 3i.

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F9 vs Nova 3i Speed Test:
F9 6 Best and Useful Features:


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  2. I think that the video you made for oppo f9 features are awesome and unique, much better than the nova 3i… Thanks a lot brother, but I'm still confused about which to buy ?
    I just like gaming, music with best sound quality in the head phones… Can you help me out? which one is suitable for me?

  3. Nice. Thanks for this.
    Hey, can you help me? I seemed have lost my screen recording and I dont know where to find it. I googled it, and apparently, its something nova3i's usual problem. But i cant find an answer how to put it back. Tia.