Huawei P10 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy S8+: Can the Mid-Class Compete? Game-Check

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Do you need a high-end flagship phone for mobile gaming? Or is a mid-class device enough these days? How big is the performance difference actually? The Game-Check interrogates this question by competing two brand new representatives: the Huawei P10 Lite for a recommanded retail price of 349 EUR (Germany/Europe, including 19% tax, may vary depending on country) and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ respectively the S8 for 899 and 799 EUR. We’ll play a round of the graphically sophisticated game “Dead Trigger 2” while GameBench analyses the fps rate. See for yourself how both combatants are doing.

What are you thinking about the gaming performance of the P10 Lite and Galaxy S8+? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Lutz Herkner is tech journalist with more than 30 years of experience. Since 2000 he reviews mobile phones for several German magazines. On his website he publishes full reviews for free, including all test results. You’ll also find charts there, e.g. of the 20 mobiles with the best battery runtime and much more.

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  1. May i ask you a question please?,iam really so mystified between buying A5 2017 or p10 lite which one do you nominate?, thanks for replying in advance ❤

  2. gaming on smartphones is laughable , who ever buys smartphones for gaming only is either 10 or a dumb ass , framerate is crap doesn't matter it's a flagshit