Huawei P10 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Comparison

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  1. Maybe zoom in the photos next time so that people can see the differences more clearly because at this point they look almost the same…

  2. A few of the day time shots the P10 seemed to give better details while the S7 overexposed a bit. But those night shots were no contest at all. Both great cameras. I can't decide which phone to buy, haha.

  3. Does the P10 have 240fps video recording? You don't have any great examples of the P10's ability to take Leica style portraits. The S7 can't do that! Otherwise I think the S7 is marginally better, especially in low light situations, because f1.7 is better than f2.2.

  4. You can not tell wich is better, it dependes on situation! In low light S 7 is better but in bright photos P 10 just gives more details then S 7 due to darker colours and more mpx. S 7 as all Samsung devices is just giving to much yellowish colour and this is my opinion overall. In some sit. S7 but in another P10

  5. I think P10 camera wins, as photographers we do not like photos as contrasted as camera S7, because we can give a personal final image with edition. To photographers, S7 is like jpg vs raw p10 and that is a great difference and that is wat means Leica on that cell phone, photos looks more cinematic with Leica cameras.