Huawei P20 Camera Review: Tested vs the Pro!

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We’ve tested the dual-lens Huawei P20 camera alongside the P20 Pro’s tri-lens shooter for this P20 camera review. Are two lenses just as good as three?

The Huawei P20’s camera tech is a combination of 20MP monochrome and 12MP RGB lens, to capture stunning Portrait photos and 4K video (plus Super Slow Motion footage). We’ve been testing the P20 camera for several days alongside the triple-lens P20 Pro camera, to see if there’s much difference between the two.

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  1. Can some help and tell me apart from the 40 mega pixel setting on the pro which i have why dose the p20 have higher mega pixels settings on the resolution section.

  2. nice video, i have a request. if you still do have P20 then can you take some shots of human subject in night mode? i wanted to see how night time street photography of person come out. city scape are wonderful in night mode, but if there is person, will it be as sharp n clear or will there be ghosting effect? thanks…

  3. Didn’t mention that the P20 pro has a 1/1.7” sensor. That’s a pretty big sensor for a smartphone, and it’s also a probable reason as to why some of the photos aren’t as sharp as the regular P20’s since the 1.8 aperture is larger and has a shallower depth of field. Had Huawei gone for something like 16-20MP for that sensor instead of 40, they would’ve wiped the floor with everyone in regards to low light photos.

  4. You get better zoom, more bokeh effect, slightly better other things. Though sometimes I wonder if more bokeh is necessarily "better" or not. The Sony phones have better video imo. This p20 has better photography. It's like the Nokia 808 of 6 years ago in terms of big sensor and real zoom, with better processing power.