Huawei P20 Pro camera – it’s something else

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A lot has been made of the P20 Pro’s triple camera system. We’ve tested it as part of the review but there’s so much going on here, we felt it best tackled in its very own video.

Thanks again to EE for sending out the P20 Pro to us and making this video possible. Be sure to check out their P20 pro deals below:

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Huawei P20 deals from EE:

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Huawei P20 Pro review:
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  1. Just ordered it today! Was waiting for the Pixel 3 and saw it today and said no thank you and ordered this 1 instead. Hopefully it works with Android Auto?

  2. Maybe I'm not catching something but my dad bought this phone today and I set it up for him but the camera didn't impress me that much (I set it to the highest mp)

  3. No wireless charging,no expandable memory,iffy video recording,better customisation and glass on the s9+ In real world use people take pictures to capture the moment not over analyse detail

  4. I know I’m late to the party, but I’m getting this phone after this review. BTW Cam, was wondering where you went after Phonedog!

  5. Yet another test is the ability to shoot long exposure time pictures in daytime (such as making a small river flow appear blurred from movement)

  6. Hello, I would like to ask if someone can give me advice for my locked on EE Huawei P20 Pro. Overall, I am satisfied, but I realized that phone is stuck at C782 firmware which is pretty old and I cannot update, model is CLT-L09, I am from UK. Can someone tell me any way how to get updates directly from Huawei even at any cost? Thank you.